TNNA WINTER 2018 Las Vegas

The TNNA Winter show for 2018 is in Las Vegas, Nevada, from January 26-28.

As folks post new items that premiere in January-April, 2018, I'll post items here, latest on top.

By the way, Stitch By Stitch Larchmont has a Pinterest page where they list all the new canvases they've heard about.  It's a good overview of the new things.


Maggie has a new artist, Fred Calleri, and here is his lady in a bathing suit.

Sew Much Fun has two new "drinks" canvases coming out in Las Vegas.  One is Christmas-themed and the other is Halloween-themed."

Laura Perrin has a new chart available, "Holiday Ribbons."

Alice Peterson has a new "books" canvas. This one features fashion themes.

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted new canvases on their market preview.

Associated Talents will introduce new Mardi Gras masks in Vegas.

Carole Lake of StitchPlay Designs has a new book coming out!

Robbyn's Nest has three new Judaic designs coming out in Las Vegas.

Maggie has two new small but cute Christmas designs from Stefanie Stouffer.

Melissa Shirley also has a new series called Sweetheart Houses.

Melissa Shirley will release six little floral hearts at Las Vegas.  You can see them here.  Use the right side arrow to look at them all.

Danji has a new birdhouses canvas and individual bird ornaments.

Raymond Crawford has a new, larger Grinch canvas.

JP Needlepoint has posted a sneak peak of their new "Magical Village" on Facebook.

These Harlequin laying tools will be available from Rainbow Gallery after the TNNA show.

If you love San Francisco AND Annie Lane designs, this canvas exclusive to Luv2Stitch is something to check out.

If you like music AND puns, this new Raymond Crawford canvas is for you.

Zecca has a new canvas series of birds—this is "Ostrich."

This is "Bishops Bird."

The third Zecca bird canvas is "Screech Owl."

Patricia has posted five new designs from Julie Mar and Friends on Facebook.

A Poore Girl Paints has a fun new slogan for pet owners, suitable for dog or cat lovers.  Looks like Robin King will do a stitch-along on her cat version, too!

Longing for spring?  Melissa Shirley has five new Easter basket designs that will warm your stitching fingers!

Here's a new Jean Smith floral, available in several sizes.

Needle Works shares one of the new Ann Spiess Mills' saints, newly available from Tapestry Fair.  This is "San Pasquale," the patron saint of cooks.

BB Needlepoint has a New England wreath design now.

Zecca has a new tiger rug and it's magnificent!

Zecca also has a new floral rug that is wonderful, too.

"Shining Winter Star" is Puffin and Company's latest threader, available in regular and micro sizes.

The Plum Stitchery shows off new ornaments ready to order.

Enriched Stitch shows off new projects from Amanda Lawford and Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery that will premier in Las Vegas.

Stitch by Stitch Larchmont has a few Christmas shop window ornaments from it's yearly shop series available.

Shana Brook has the new Love and Hearts beginners' kits ready for sale at NP Inc. in California.

Needlework Retailer shows off one of the state-shaped designs from Kangeroo Paw Designs.

Needlework Retailer shows off two new dimensional bell designs from Labors of Love.

Julia Snyder shows off three new designs from And More.

Needlework Retailer shows off Pashmina from Gloriana, a four ply cashmere/silk blend in a limited range of colors.

Kurdy Briggs shows off the new stocking top design in four color ways from Threedles.

Starke Art has this great Baby Sleeping canvas to appear at CBK's booth in January.

Needlework Retailer shows off the new colors in the matte rayon thread Capri from Rainbow Gallery.

HSN Designs has a new yoga bee design from Cheryl Dunlap.

Mary Tussey of Colors1 has new "Elf Hat" and "Elf Slipper" designs that can be personalized.

The Royal School has a new set in the gift shop—a mug, magnet and coaster that all read "I'd Rather Be Stitching."  For the stitcher who has everything else, but must order from England.

Bailey Jack has added author Harper Lee and five more favorites to the And More line of author canvases.

This herringbone Alabama star will be available in January from Raymond Crawford.

Rachel Donley posted a sneak peak on Facebook of what appears to be a Christmas calendar.

Needlework Retailer shows off the "Bicycle Built For Two" series of oval ornaments from The Pointer Of It All Designs.

Threadnuts (which imports the Painters Thread lines from Germany) has teamed with Foxwood Crossings on a new geometric design that uses five different Painters Threads.

Pewter and Pine has a new Christmas piece, "Oh Deer."  LOL

Laura Perin has new designs, four tiny Miniature Holiday Quilts! The charts for all four come in one package and you can stitch a background or not, depending on your mood.  See the charming Christmas patterns on Laura's blog here.  You can buy directly from Laura if you like (second link below).

Needlework Retailer shows off "Kayaks on the Beach," from Pippin Studio.

Beeswax Bliss is being marketed as a replacement for Thread Heaven which is no longer available as the company owners want to retire.

Deborah shared the finished version of her own Small Santa Star on Facebook.  It's available at her Dragon's Tale Direct Etsy store (second link below).

DebBee's Designs has finish the newest piece, "Mostly Amadeus."  There is no release date or venue yet.

This Carolyn Schmitz portrait of a pronghorn antelope is no longer a shop exclusive so your favorite store can order this from Sundance!

The newest Harley Durden design is this Harry Potter inspired "Wesley sweater" design.  These are an exclusive to In Stitches Atlanta.

Cynthia Thomas has stitched this amazing Queen of Hearts from Melissa Prince and it will be a class at the Las Vegas show, taught by Melissa herself.  Deux Bijoux Bijoux is making a coordinated playing card box to display it in.

"Dewdrop" is being stitched by Barbara Elmore of Sundance.  It'll premiere in January.  The design is adapted from Carolyn Schmitz's artwork for Sundance.


  1. Hi Jane - It's Jeanene Weiner from In Stitches in Atlanta, GA. I wanted to let you know that I purchased Atlanta Needlepoint. I would love to fill you in!

    1. Hello, Jeanene. Congratulations! Tell all! I'm at chillyhollow at hotmail dot com

  2. Hi Jane, Thank you so much for all the mentions of River Silks! It looks like you had a blast at the show. Great information.

    1. You are welcome, Jill. It is my absolutely favorite ribbon ever! Alas, I didn't go to the show. I stayed at home and reported on the blogs, Facebook feeds and website updates. WHEW! It was probably quieter at the show!

  3. thank you for keeping us updated.

    1. You are welcome, Gail. I'm glad to be of some service to the needlepoint-obsessed!