Monday, February 4, 2013

Beading Thread - Which One?

Two Types of Beading Threads
You know how there are ten million kinds and colors and shapes and sizes of beads?  Turns out there are a lot of beading threads, too.  I've been playing with two of them.

On the left in the photo you see a package of Sundance Designs' beading thread.  My color is Dark Cream.  It's really medium cream but who am I to tell Sundance to call their threads "medium" instead of "dark"!?  They have lots of colors of beading thread.  You can see them here, at the bottom of the page. The label points out that colored beading thread may not be colorfast.  If this is an issue for you, stick to white Sundance beading thread.

The Collection also has beading thread.  The packet on the left is theirs.  It is called "Braided Bead Thread" in "crystal" and the label says there is no breaking, fraying or knotting with this thread.  The Collection's website doesn't show a range of colors.  Crystal (which is actually clear and looks like monofilament fishing line) may be the only color they have but I don't know.

Both seem strong.  I don't think the sharp edges of beads will cut into either easily.  They are constructed differently.  The Collection's braided beading thread is a round thread that is very thin nylon.  Sundance's thread is flatter and frays just a tiny bit at the cut edge, which shows it is made of multiple strands of very thin nylon (or another synthetic).  It is a little difficult to tie a knot at the end of each brand for securing it on the back.  The Collection's nylon line is stiffer to work with.

I prefer Sundance's but that is just because I like the feel of it better.  There is no reason for me to pick one over the other.  Using the "Dark Cream" doesn't change the color of the red and green areas of Belleza's mirror back but the white areas turn a little yellower when I use it there.  If you don't want any change in the look of your beads or the paint of your canvas, you would want to use the "Crystal" from The Collection.  If you are worried about the color running in blocking, then you would need to go with white Sundance beading thread or the crystal from The Collection.

I don't have any price comparison for you as each of my two beading threads were gifts, but there may be a price differential.  I just don't know and Google wasn't much help there today.  Either will do the job, so pick depending on what other needs you have.

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