Sunday, August 21, 2011

Halloween Bonus

Nancy's Haunted House
While Nancy and I were talking about Tom Turkey's progress, she was also stitching the Kelly Clark Haunted House that Amy Bunger offered as a Home Study last year.  This is the house that the little Halloweenies figures hang out in.  Amy allowed folks to sign up for the figures and the house separately if they wished. Because the house is large, Nancy decided she only had time to stitch it.  And stitch it she did!

The Halloweenies have been seen all over the Internet but not that many folks have posted photographs of the house.  Nancy kindly took photographs of her finished house so you could see the amazing details that she stitched per Amy's instructions. Look at the window right over the front door.  The lantern's glow is actually a pukka shell!

There are two ghouls hiding in the house.  The boy (who has a part in his hair just like my great-grandfather) is lurking in the attic.

The girl ghoul has red curls and a creepy hand with bulging fingers.  She's upstairs on the second floos.

There are ghostly heads peeking out of a main floor window.  I think they are admiring Nancy's perfect hangman's noose!

The front door's wonderful. I love the signature mouse that is on all the pieces of this set, but I have to say what catches my eye is the sheaf of dried stalks to the right and the hardware and architecture of the door itself.  Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful piece, Nancy.  It is going to make your October especially haunting!  LOL

You can still purchase Home Study kits for the Halloween House and the monsters that live there from Amy Bunger's website.  There are little photos of each Halloweenie and also of Amy's framed house at the bottom of the page about them.  Click on the first thumbnail and explore!

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Tom Turkey Returns

Nancy's Tom Turkey Finished and Framed
Remember the Tom Turkey canvas from last winter?  Nancy kindly volunteered to offer a painted canvas she was uncertain about to be blog stitched here while I was distracted and not stitching much due to my mother's illness.  I made suggestions, she tried out threads, she came up with ideas and stitched.  Tom is now all finished and he is spectacular!

This is a Mary Lake Thompson design from Melissa Shirley.  Nancy's version is worked from the 13 count rectangle.  Tom is framed and ready to appear for the fall holidays.

Nancy worked hard on this piece, coming up with a spectacular additional border treatment on her own.  I mostly just stood around and made suggestions when she got stuck or when she didn't really like how my first suggestion was turning out.  I am so proud of her!

You never know how great a painted canvas will turn out until you settle down and start stitching it.

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