Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gotta Have It!

Ok, shop owners, time to dig around in old inventory and see if you have this discontinued Leigh Designs canvas of a red foo dog in stock.  You can see it here nearly at the bottom of the page.

I gotta have it and you are my last hope!

Email me at chillyhollow at hotmail dot com and make me very happy....

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Introducing Red Geisha

Now that Melissa Shirley's Red Geisha has made her debut at the TNNA show in Columbus, I can show you how she looked once she was finally finished.  

Red Geisha was designed to have a lot of surprises, like a real geisha should. The more you get to know her, the more you will see.   It'll take time to find the yellow beads in some of the flower centers, notice that there are three shades of metallic in her hair sticks, that she sports Swarkovski crystals on her kimono, that there are black beads in the folds of her wig as well as those gorgeous Sundance sequins sprinkled around.

And of course there is the tulle layer. The pearl hair ornaments and the white apple blossoms are the exact same shade of white. It's the plum tulle that makes the flowers a different color and subtly adds a pink flush to her white face. Her lip has a black shadow and there are 2 rows of floral background pattern just to the left of her cheek. You won't see anything flashy at first but gradually Red Geisha will reveal more, the more you look. She should have many admirers, just like any geisha.

Melissa herself calls Red Geisha "a bit haughty" but I think she is a real diva myself.  She's not the kind of purse that wants to go to the grocery store--you'd better plan on taking her to the opera, a swanky party or perhaps the White House or there will be trouble!

Red Geisha's stitch guide will be ready shortly.  Melissa herself will take photos of the finished piece and create the cover of the stitch guide, then I'll add photos to the text to help folks create their own haughty but charming geisha.

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Needlepoint Dinosaurs

The next time some rude person implies that needlepoint is for dinosaurs, pull out one of Jelly Bean Stock's dino canvases.  Here are the triceratops babies,

followed by the beach dinosaurs,

and of course the dancing dinos.  I see lots of beads and sequins on these designs.

By the way, Annie doesn't confine herself to Cute.  She does Elegant, too.  Check out the birds and foliage canvases.

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