Friday, June 10, 2011

Let the Party Begin UPDATED

The staff of the Needle Bug in Montgomery have arrived in Columbus, ready to hit the TNNA show with their Southern charm.  After a nap, of course!

They promise another blog entry tonight so stay tuned....

By the way, Needle Delights has a new design being printed right now.  It's lime green but of course you can change the colors to make your own fun.  Maybe we'll sit around tonight and make up color combos until we hear from the Bugs again?

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More News from TNNA

Janet Perry describes some of the new things premiering at the TNNA market.

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Melissa Shirley Summer Preview

Melissa's website has her new fairy tale witch series pictured as well as some of the darling new Deep in the Heart of Texas hearts.  I know there is more to come (like Red Geisha, for example) but we are going to have to wait until the shops get the first glimpse at the Columbus market.

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Columbus TNNA Show: First, Set Up Booth

Team Deeva is in position at Columbus, setting up their booth in preparation for wowing the shop owners who are starting to arrive for the TNNA trade show.

It sounds like great fun but also a LOT of work.

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Jules Has an Admirer

Robin King has a cat named Jules, and Jules has an admirer in Ashley Bradley, who used a photo of him for the first of her cat stockings.  She's been designing a series of dog stockings for the TNNA market and Jules thought a cat was in order.  Isn't he beautiful?  I guess I'm an admirer of Jules, too!

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Free, Amazing

Orna Willis has added the second free "family" design to her website.  I love the mix of red and purple in her version.

In the amazing category, Carole emailed me the link to this set of painted canvases intended to be made into a poof.  Of Geishas, of course!  Does Carole know me or what?!

Also amazing is the little owl with the floral eyes, one of the new designs featured on the Squiggee website.  I think the last 2-3 pages of the catalogue have new designs also, at least I don't recognize all of these.

The last amazing thing I have to show you is a box made by Marlene's, who specializes in magical finishing.

Many thanks to Carole, Gail and to Orna, too.  And of course to the amazingly talented finishers at Marlene's.

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