Thursday, May 12, 2011

Threading Beading Needles

LauraZee posted a comment on the Blog article that mentioned Pace needles saying that she had trouble threading a beading needle. Since Comments are not working quite right this morning, I thought I'd answer LauraZee's comment here.

Sometimes changing to another brand of beading needle helps.  Some have larger eyes than others (although a large eye isn't much help with tiny beads).  Vicky DeAngelis says she likes Bohin beading needles and Mary Arden beading needles.  Looks like Mary Arden needles (which I've never heard of before) are English needles distributed by Colonial Needle.

Bohin beading needles are imported from France.  By the way, John James beading needles are very popular because they are the normal needle length instead of being three inches long like most beading needles you find at fabric stores.  Personally I love the longer needles but not everyone does.

I use the old wire loop threaders to thread my beading needle.  I buy them whenever I see them because they seem to be harder to get.  After I open the package of threaders, I line them up on a sheet of waxed paper on the kitchen counter, then put a drop of Super Glue on the base where the wire attaches.  This makes them last a lot longer.

I hope some of these ideas help you with your beads, Laura!

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Blogger Has Problems UPDATED

Blogger (which hosts Blog) seems to be having trouble. I had to switch browsers to access my account, I can't post a new Canvas of the Day, and the two articles I wrote to post this morning haven't published. I am going to write and publish this right away and see if it hits.

Blogger had an update yesterday. That might have borked everything.  Stay tuned!

UPDATE:  I forced today's messages to post but I can't find a way around changing the Canvas of the Day yet.  At least messages have posted!

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