Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Let's Talk Hair Some More

I planned to reveal Red Geisha's hair this weekend but I ran out of one of the threads I'm using and my replacement skein won't be here until next week, so I am going to be working on Luna's cloak instead. (Remember Luna from the Ladies of the Night series?  I've got miles of cloak lining to stitch for her.)  You'll have to wait another week or so to see the geisha's wig.  Sorry!

So why don't we talk about needlepoint hair in general?  Do you have a favorite hair treatment you use over and over again?  Do you have a link to an online photo of great hair you want to send me?  Are you working on a canvas right now (or plan to work on one) with hair that has you stumped?  Tell All!

Use the comments section below this article to send links, to ask questions about hair, to brag, to show off great needlepointed hair, anything you like.  It just has to be about stitching hair.  If the Comments don't work for you, not to worry.  You can email me directly at chilly hollow athotmail dotcom and I'll post your comments here for you.  Let me start with a link to a couple of great hair treatments--

A smooth Grecian style, probably satin stitches over padding.  This was stitched by Amy Bunger and I think she has a stitch guide written for it.

This is masterful hair, stitched by Mary Santosstefano under Susan Portra's direction.  I think it is stem stitches in silk, carefully laid with very close attention to how hair actually flows.

This hair is totally unrealistic but beautifully braided and perfect for this design.  The stitch guide for this piece was written by David McCaskill and the piece was stitched by Brenda Ramsdell.

Only a tiny bit of hair shows here but it was very carefully planned to complement the fancy fur trimmed hat.  Stitched by Pam Pabst.

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