Friday, April 22, 2011

Maggie Trunk Show

In Stitches (Atlanta) is having a Maggie trunk show.  Canvases in the trunk show are 20% off.

Old World Designs (Menlo Park, California) is also having a Maggie trunk show, but this one is something different.  It's a one day trunk show visit to Maggie's studio.  They are renting a bus and heading out to see Maggie's place on June 30.  Lunch and  a visit with Maggie herself is included.  Contact the shop for details, which aren't on their website.

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Sundance Sequins Up Close

Sundance's New Sequins
If you read the Dallas cash and carry show reports carefully, you saw that a lot of folks mentioned that Sundance Designs has sequins now as well as beads.  I managed to get my paws on some courtesy of friends, and I think they are something folks who like to embellish their canvases will want.  I can buy sequins locally at the crafts emporiums in the nearest large city, but the Sundance ones are better quality and have more variety.  Craft emporium sequins look cheap next to the Sundance ones.

The photo above shows the large variety of sequins Sundance has available.  I am sure there are more colors but these are just what I was given.  There look to be 30+ sequins in each little envelope.  I don't know if you can tell how high quality they are in the photo, but in person they are much nicer than the craft emporium sequins I have available to me locally.

The packets are (left to right, top row)--
Opaque Flower BDS-SQ101 and

embossed disks (no label) which are flat on one side and have circles carved into them on the other side.

(left to right, middle row)--
Raised Flowers BDS-SQ103, which are cupped sequins with a curved flower edge in pastel colors,

Etched Panel Square BDS-SQ110 which are in jewel tones and clear, and

Silver BDS-SQ114 which are flat silver sequins.  They reflect the light well which is why they look two-toned in the photo.

(left to right, bottom row)
Animal Square BDS-SQ106 which have a holographic surface covered with black animal spots and

Black Shimmer BDS-SQ112 which are black with a holographic shimmer of highlights in red, navy, orange, yellow and green.  They feel flat but look faceted.

All the sequins have one center hole.   They are all 4-6 mm across except for the big flower sequins which are roughly 15 mm.  The holes are fairly small.  It looks as if a size 22 tapestry needle will go through most of the holes although some of the smaller sequins might need a 24 or 26 needle.  Any Mill Hill or Sundance 11/0 bead will easily hold these sequins in position.

I'm hoping Sundance will update their website or their blog with more information about the available colors.

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