Thursday, April 21, 2011

Road Trip #3

Here are even more reports (and photos) of the Amy Bunger and Kelly Clark classes.  Melinda got Amy for Christmas. (Kudos to Melinda's family for choosing the perfect gift.)

Linda and her pal treated themselves to a Kelly Clark class at Ruth Schmuff's shop (Bedecked and Beaddazzled) just north of Baltimore.  The photos you see are Kelly's newest Halloweenies figure, a witch with a real bust!  (and a broom and fabulous hat and hair, plus there's a boot to die for Kelly's just worked that isn't visible in the photos--hey!  I have spies everywhere!)  That's Kelly Clark herself with the shoulder length dark hair.

Oh, before I forget, is having a Barbara Russell trunk show with canvases 20% off.  Don't miss a nice long browse of Barbara's lovely designs if you are a dog lover, although there are plenty of other themes in her work.

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Road Trip #2 (with Kelly Clark)

Let's do another virtual road trip, shall we? This time we're at Ruth Schmuff's shop (Bedecked and Beadazzled in Baltimore), listening in to the Kelly Clark three day weekend of classes.  Day One had Kelly teaching her latest Halloween character, a witch named Elvira.  She's a classy lady and look at all the beads!

Day Two was a class on a hatbox canvas that is full of interesting techniques.  I've seen the woven basket technique on Amy Bunger's DVD #7, "The Ins and Outs of Needleweaving."  It's a fiddly way to make a woven look but it is worth all the patient work in my opinion.

Day Three is more on the hat boxes, with another interesting technique for the ribbon of roses....

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Road Trip!

I rarely go anywhere except the grocery store, bank and drug store, but other needlepointers travel with projects in hand.  Since the summer vacation season is rapidly approaching, I thought you'd like to see NP on the road. Melinda's hanging out at the pool and preparing for a trip to study NP with Amy Bunger.

Pat has just moved closer to her family so she is checking out her new LNS.  The second link is to the shop's website so you can browse a little with Pat.

There's no place like home but a little travel is good for the soul (and the stitching).

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