Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Asian Painted Canvases

Although I managed to make it all the way to November last year before I stitched an Asian-themed piece of needlepoint (last year was the Year of the Small Christmas Stocking while this year will be the Year of the Purse--stay tuned), I love painted canvases with vaguely Japanese or Chinese themes the best.  So I was very happy to see this lovely Japanese belt from Patt and Lee.  It's not only Japanese in feel, it is modern Japan, not a recycled geisha design.

Not that I have anything against geisha!  Melissa Shirley has some real beauties that were just released last year.  There are a few oriental bird designs among the ladies, too.

Heading back to the modern side, remember Kirk and Hamilton's geisha glasses case pair that Bonnie and I stitched virtually here last year?

They have added a geisha scissors fob to their line.  Charming!

Maggie continues to add modern geishas to her line of canvases as well.

Trubey has a traditional geisha canvas meant to be finished as a vase.  Interesting!

I could go on and on but I'm sure the non-oriental canvas lovers will appreciate it if I stop here.  Those who admire Asian design like I do will be happy to know there is a range of these designs, traditional and modern, in all sizes and meant to be finished in many ways.  We can get our fix no matter how we like our oriental!

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Delicate Embroidery Scissors for the Lefty

Ridgewood has scoured the Internet and their distributors for embroidery scissors made for the left handed stitcher.  I thought all the lefties who read Blog might like to see these.

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