Monday, March 14, 2011


Let's face it--finishing is expensive (although it is worth every penny in my opinion) so we stitchers love finding finishing tutorials and self-finishing items. It saves money for us to spend in other areas:  threads and canvases and tools.   Susan treats us to an ornament finishing class on her blog and Needle Nicely shows off their self-finishing votive lights. They make it look easy!

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Chaparral Loves You

Chaparral has announced their newest monthly club for 2011--Love Letters. These are a set of ten Valentine card-themed canvases from a range of designers which they’ve had finished as a chair. The finishing is fascinating but of course you can do your love letters as separate items. You can see the finished chair here but do click on the photo to see each stitched love letter. These canvases are related by theme instead of being a set from one creative mind. It’s very clever of them to make up a series from many designers, don’t you think?  I noticed that many of the main stitches are either squares or diamonds, which also unites the series. Carolyn Hedge Baird is a very talented stitcher!

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Book Review: Spooky Stitches

Here's another book review of June McKnight's Spooky Stitches.  I've posted two reviews of this book already but each review seems to share more information, even if just in photographs of the inside, so I've linked to this one also.

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