Sunday, March 13, 2011

Adding to the Monthly Club Choices

Adding to the monthly clubs for 2011, The French Knot has announced they are going to offer a Holiday Train club (Little Shoppe Canvas Company), Kelly Clark's Pears and also the Tassels clubs, a Nativity Series (Winnetka), and a Halloween Tree (from Collection of Designs).  Everything  but the Halloween Tree is on their website.  Don't miss their annual Petei Santa series (naturally).  By the way, right now Petei isn't adding new things to their line. If you have always wanted to do Petei Santas, don't delay.

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Newsletters and a New Alice Peterson

I am late reminding everyone that the newsletters for Needle Works and Amy Bunger are available on their websites.  Here they are, Amy first (alphabetical order).  In her newsletter you can see plenty of neat new products to aid the needlepointer as well as see Amy's terrific Halloween House framed.

Needle Works has a great explanation of the differences between basketweave and continental in their newsletter (page four).  If you ever wondered about following the weave of a canvas for basketweave, you will see what is meant here.  The directions are for both right-handed and left-handed stitchers, too!

By the way, the email that announced Needle Work's March newsletter mentioned that Alice Peterson has a new website.  Alice Peterson is known especially for their stitch and zip products but they also have a great line of floral designs.

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