Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Choosing the Background for a Gold Fish

Lillian Chermor's Gold Fish
Carol and I are working on choosing a background stitch for her Gold Fish canvas.  Carol took a look at the water stitch from the ANG website. She writes:

***I looked at the Water Stitch on the ANG website. That would be great for the top of a lake or pond, but not what I'm going for here.***

After Carol decided she preferred the idea of a background stitch that resembled the two flat strands of seaweed that her Gold Fish swims among, I started looking for stitches that had the same twisted ribbon shape. I found three examples.  Two are in Brenda Hart’s Favorite Stitches Book 2 , page 17 (Swirl Stitch ) and page 18 (Swirl Variation).  Swirl comes in two widths and Swirl Variation has rows that alternate slant from \ to /.  Jo Christensen’s The Needlepoint Book, page 204 also has Swirl Stitch but it is shown diagrammed horizontally and there are little “necks” between the larger ribbon areas. Of course it is very easy to turn the diagram and stitch the stitch vertically. 

Carol found a stitch online that she wanted to use.  Look at the snow underfoot on Jane Williams' Brenda Stofft Frontier Santa design (stitches chosen by Tony Minieri).

***In my head, I'm picturing the large areas stitched with a slightly shiny silk, and the small areas between the rows stitched with the really shiny Cire (it can be plied and laid like silk--it behaves a lot like flat silk in that regard, but MUCH shinier).I don't see why I couldn't put a single row of stitches between the rows shown here; do you?***

There's no reason at all!

Carol has decided she wants to use a stitch similar to this one done in vertical rows with each row separated by a row of tent stitches. 
That way she can use two threads in a similar color but with different textures in the background to get a look similar to the flat seaweed on her piece as she talked about above.  While she works out how to do the Swirl Stitch she wants (the three examples I found aren't really exactly what she wants), we are also talking color.  More on that next time.

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