Friday, January 21, 2011

Almost Done With Gregory

As you can see, the Gregory Peck block is almost done.  Though I struggled with the star and the flanking lozenges, once I got through them the rest went very quickly.  I still have to couch down the long threads in the corners.  Tony tells his students to couch a line at a time but I'm going to try laying all the underlying threads and then doing the couching pattern as I know juggling two needles and threads is going to make my thread tension uneven.

I plan to couch down the corners with copper, then I will add beads (black?) down the middle of the black star arms to hide the gaps where the canvas shows through.  After that, I'll need to stitch the two pieces of sashing that are to the right and bottom of the square.  Wish me luck!

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Books and Projects and TNNA Reports

Remember the review of the Royal School of Needlework's crewel book?  Here's another review, this time on their blackwork volume.

Speaking of crewel (which we really weren't), I found a place that sells miniature crewel kits. You can read about them and find the link to the seller's website here.

And speaking of book reviews (which we were),  Sandy Higgins' finishing book is out in a new edition.  Here is a review.

It's not often I see unusual uses of needlepoint but Rittenhouse is showing off clock faces in NP which are amazing.  The designs are by Zecca and Rittenhouse is going to do a class on them.

Anyone on the fence about signing up for Fabulous Firs club at Pocket Full of Stitches will want to see the models all finished as standups.

DMC has posted about TNNA on their blog.

Needle Works has posted their TNNA newsletter on their website.  It's all photos of their favorite painted canvases and threads.

Finally, the new gal at Needle Works reports on her first TNNA show.  I love seeing what fresh eyes to the NP world see and especially how dede Odgen's new seahorse canvas's illusion was done.

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Who's On Facebook?

Let's see who has a Facebook page:
Needlepoint Now
Melissa Shirley
Robin King
SharonG (look for Sharon Berish Garmize)
Needlenook of La Jolla
Aristeia Needlepoint
Peacock Alley Needlepoint
Waste Knot Needlepoint
Sara Leigh Merrey
Vicky De Angelis
Ada Haydon
Doug Kreinik
Julia Snyder
Raymond M. Crawford
Colleen Church
Janet Burnett
Jody Williamson-Valentine
Summer Truswell
DeElda Erbe Wittmack
Beth Robertson
Terry Dryden
Brenda Stofft
PFOS Lubbock
American Needlepoint Guild (ANG)
Michele Roberts
Caela Tyler
Judee Karchmer
Chaparral Needlework
Chandail Needlework
Needlepoint Guide
Pat Delp
Cathe Ray
Painted Pony Designs
Sue Dulle
Linda Reinmiller
Cindy Valentine
John Waddell
Barbara Bergsten
Gail C. Hendrix
Evan Burroughs
Berlin Embroidery Designs
Amy Bunger
Amy's Golden Strand
The French Knot

Just log into your FB account and search for them.  If you know of other needlepoint companies, shops and designers with accounts, please add them to the Comments or email me at chilly hollow at hot maildot com and I'll add them for you.

By the way, I don't do FB any more except to keep up with my family.  I have too much on my plate already!

I will update the above list as I find more NPrs on FB, but I can't say how often any of the above update their "wall" or how interesting to fellow stitchers the information will be.

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at Archived Yahoo 360 postings at