Friday, December 31, 2010

Good News for Jim Wurth's Fans UPDATED

I am quoting Jim Wurth who posted this message on the NP Etc. Yahoo Group:

"Beginning Jan 2, all Jim Wurth designs (excluding teaching pieces) will be available from Threadneedle Street at This includes individual ornaments from the Dodecagon series. Kits are available. Contact Marianne at the Street. She is taking advanced orders this week."
Jim Wurth

I believe Jim is talking about Threadneedle Street in Palm Desert, California, not the shop of the same name in Washington State.  I think there is a Threadneedle Street shop in Mississippi, too.  Yes, the one in Mississippi specializes in charted designs from Walter Anderson.  But the one I think that will sell Jim's charts is in Palm Desert.  Their phone number used to be 760-340-0411 but I don't know if this is still the right number.

Jim Wurth doesn't have a website but you can see his Dodecagon series on Pierrette's blog.  She took the original cyberclass on these magnificent pieces and posted photos of the finished designs.

UPDATE:  Liz is stitching Jim's Xanadu with her guild this year.  I thought you'd like to see the photo as this is featured in Needle Pointers which means anyone with a copy can stitch it, too.  Actually, I think once I finish Stars, it'll be my next counted project.  (Many thanks to Liz who corrected me when I said the instructions were in NP Now.)

Today's Canvas/Chart of the Day project is another of Jim's designs.

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