Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Prayers Have Been Answered UPDATED

 The fabulous painted canvas designer SharonG is writing a book!  It will be called SharonG’s Simply Essential Needlepoint Stitch Collection.  It's due out in February which means you'll start seeing it in the shops in the spring.  You probably have seen Sharon Garmize's canvases in your shop or online.  Here's her website.

You might not know Sharon herself is a fabulous stitcher.  I own several of her wonderful stitch guides, which are worth collecting even if you never plan to stitch the canvas the guide describes because they are full of great ideas and diagrammed stitches that can be used other places.  Lately she's been teaching in some of the larger shops and has distilled what her students want to know about stitching painted canvases into a book.

She tells me it will be a spiral-bound format with one stitch to a page in a 5x8 size.  Perfect to cart around with you in your stitching tote bag, in other words.  This first book will diagram sixty of the most useful and useable stitches she recommends to her students, plus include a little hint about each. There isn't going to be a lot of text. SharonG believes hardly anyone reads it. She thinks folks simply want a good diagram and a short explanation.  Sharon plans to publish more books with the later ones covering more oddball stitches, many of which she has created herself.)

So stay tuned.  I've seen the draft of the first book and it is going to be terrific for the painted canvas fanatic.  (Which would be me.  Wonder if I should buy two copies for when I wear the first one out?)

UPDATE:  The title of the new book has been changed to make the cover fit with the wire binding better.  The new book will be called SharonG’s Simply Essential Needlepoint Stitch Explanations. It is now subtitled "SharonG’s Needlepoint Sense" since this is the first in a series that will bear the same subtitle. I can't wait to have several volumes of SharonG's NP Sense on my bookshelves!

UPDATE #2:  SharonG has updated her blog with a description of the first book.

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