Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Overnight Blogger restored Blog, which was deleted yesterday morning, either by a hacker (as part of the Gawker hack which I was effected by) or by a change in Blogger code.  Blogger says it was a bug but a lot of those effected were also hit by the Gawker hack.   So I don't know what happened but I am very grateful Google (which owns Blogger) acted quickly to restore Blog.

So now I have two blogs, one at chillyhollownp.blogspot.com (the original) and the clone at chillyhollowneedlepoint.blogspot.com.  I'm eventually going to remove the clone but I'd like it if as many folks as possible can check out the new look of the clone and let me know if they can view it successfully.  Eventually I'm going to have to switch to the new templates and I'd like to know in advance if they mean some Blog readers can't view things when I am forced to switch.

Anyway, here is the clone address which I created yesterday.  Please check it out and let me know in the Comments if you can read it and if you like the new look.  Thanks!

For those of you who use Blogger for your blog and are now nervously trying to figure out how to do backups, log into your blog, go to the Dashboard, then click on Settings.  You'll see at the top of the main section commands for Export and Import and Delete.  Ignore Delete!

If you click on Export a file of your blog postings will be downloaded to your computer.  If you click on Import, you can load that file back into Blogger and your postings will be restored to the point of the last backup.  Note that you will have to reload the template that sets up the look of your blog and add the header photo, title and any widgets you have manually.  For Blog, all the contents of the right column had to be manually redone except for the archive of postings which is generated automatically.  So keep a file of the photos you use with the backup file you download periodically.  I backed up once a month but I think I'll change that to once a week.  As often as I post, restoring a lost month's worth of material is a big chore, bigger than I realized.

Hope this helps everyone.  Thanks a lot to all those who emailed me that something was wrong with Blog.  I appreciate your concern and support greatly, whether it was a hacker who deleted Blog or a bug that wiped it out.

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Christmas Treats (with Stirling Bag Tutorial)

This time of year usually means Christmas trees and lots of Christmas treats for me.  In order to avoid adding more pounds, I think this year I'll just admire the treats that Pocket Full of Stitches has in their shop.

They have trees, too, and needlepoint trees aren't heavy, crooked, shedding needles and an endless temptation to the dogs and cat.

Robin King has a treat for us on the Needlepoint Study Hall blog--a tutorial on inserting a canvas in the Stirling bags!  Robin recently fixed up a canvas for Vicky DeAngelis recently and took photos of the steps.   Now I have an idea of how to do it when I insert a new canvas into the new Stirling bag that arrived here last November.  But more on that after Luna is finished and I have some time with Stars.

Finally, I have a lovely Peace Angel from Nimble Needle.  I know she's supposed to be a holiday angel but this time of year, I always long for peace for all.

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at http://chillyhollownp.blogspot.com Archived Yahoo 360 postings at http://profiles.yahoo.com/chillyhollow