Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Calling All Thread Detectives

Remember when I talked about the new High Cotton five-ply floss from Hyla Hurley?  I did a review on Blog here.

Two different sources have told me they think the thread is rather matte (like Needle Necessities' Madras was)  but I thought it had more sheen to it than regular DMC cotton floss, both in the skeins and especially when stitched in long stitches.  In tent stitches it does look matte, or at least not any different than using DMC or Anchor floss in tent stitches.

I'm wondering if it was just the color I used (pale lavender), or if I am losing my mind. (There is heavy betting action on the latter.  LOL)  I am going to test stitch with other colors when I have time but for now, I'd love to hear from folks who have stitched with this thread about what they think.

I'll update the earlier review with a note about the matte/shiny decisions we all came to once I have more input.  So, what's your opinion?

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