Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today Only - 25% Off In Stock Items

Sorry, with the time difference I didn't know abou this sale until the day was almost over.

UPDATE:  The sale is over.  Sorry!

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No Beads & Basketweave Today

I'm sure by now you are very tired of photos of beads and basketweave on Luna's gown.  It takes a lot of work to look good!  But getting there makes for boring blog entries.   Let's go look at some other fabulous things, shall we?

French Knot has their latest newsletter out and in it they mention all the fabulous Halloween pieces on their website that come with stitch guides.  I've added a brief article about this on the CH Stitch Guides blog.  With Halloween in our rear window, now's the time to start on next year's fun.  Luna's going to need friends, after all!  (Do vampires have friends?)

LizArt has two new charts available.  You can see them (and the link to the purchase site) here.

Personally, I am holding out for Liz Morrow's newest piece, Vegas Nights.  The chart for it isn't ready yet as she just finished stitching it, but I think it is worth waiting for!   Hurry Liz.

Lots of folks are interested in finding a sorority- or fraternity-themed painted canvas.  Betsy B's got you covered.  Pocket Full of Stitches shows off some of the avaialble pieces on their website.  There are some new charts in stock there, too.  See?  I don't totally ignore the counted canvaswork lovers!

Finally, I have something beautiful and inspirational for you to see--the NeedleArtNut's Lacquered Leaves piece (designer, Betty Chen Louis) which is magnificent.  If you want to watch this unfold, click on "Lacquered Leaves" in the right hand column and work from the bottom up.  It's worth following. Betty Chen Louis is a fabulously creative designer.  It's not often I see things I've never seen before on the Internet but this is one of those times.  Great work, Pat!

NeedleArtNut also runs the Stitching Destashing Blog.  She happens to have some great books for sale at very good prices, including a copy of Pageant of Pattern for $6 plus shipping.  Move fast, though.  She had two copies for sale last night....

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at Archived Yahoo 360 postings at