Friday, October 29, 2010

Basketweaving with Beads

I'm still basketweaving Luna's gown, but I've added beads to the mix.  The lower part of her gown has beads scattered here and there.  I'll basketweave around them once I work my way down that far with my Impressions.

I'm using tiny size 15 round beads in black and also gray.  So far it is hard to see a difference in the color.  I'm hoping that will be clearer the more densely the beads are clustered together.  If not, I'll have to switch to using silver beads instead of gray.

I think the hem will be solid beads but I'm not sure yet.  My beading will has to hold out!

Thanks for the interesting comments about stitch guides yesterday, by the way. I never thought of a stitch guide as a time saver but of course it is.  You have your thread list to go shopping with, and the pathway of stitches set out for you.  All you have to do is find time to stitch.

Which might be the hardest part of this whole needlepointing thing, come to think about it....

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