Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stars: Improved Deborah Kerr

Last night I removed the left side of this Stars block and restitched it in what I hope is the correct position.  Then I surrounded the black star center with triangles of purple.  I was supposed to work a trellis stitch framework around the black centers first but I thought it would be easier to do the purple triangles, then work in the trellis stitch.  I hope that was ok.  As you can see, I stopped the first step of the trellis stitch that goes in the corners because the count was off somehow.

The purple lines are supposed to go in at the end but I couldn't resist seeing how they looked on top of the purple star.  Actual Stars stitchers will note I used more purple lines than the instructions called for but I like the effect.  More purple lines go on top of other areas once they are stitched, so if adding extra is too much, they will be easy to remove.

Cross your fingers that I was just too tired last night to count the trellis stitch properly, not that the center is all wrong!  I'll look carefully at the instructions again and try to decide where I went wrong.  If I can't, I'll fudge it.  I am NOT doing that black star again.

This is very pretty, wrong or not.

Almost forgot--I updated the Chilly Hollow Stitch Guides blog last night with an article about Pocket Full of Stitches.  Their monthly clubs aren't exactly stitch guides but since you can buy all the older clubs still, I thought it appropriate to add them to this stitch guide resource.  Besides, the PFOS blog mentions stitch guides being created for some of the canvases they stock.

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