Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stars: Deborah Kerr

Last night I started working on the third row of Stars for the New Millennium. This block is called Deborah Kerr and it starts out with oblique woven stitches that alternate slant direction to make an 8 pointed star. Then you work patterns around the center to fill out towards the edges of the block. I discovered when I took this photo that the left side is off by one stitch, so I will be pulling that out and restitching it. Sadly, stitching at night with black doesn't mean you are always precise.

This is a pretty block so far, even if I am frustrated right now!

If you are new to painted canvases and want to try one, remember to comment (or email me at chillyhollow athotmaildotcom) on last Monday's blog entry to enter the drawing for the Mile High Princess canvas with a stitch guide and all the threads.

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