Sunday, September 19, 2010

September Canvas of the Month: Jane's Imagine Canvas

The September Canvas of the Month is from Lani Enterprises. It's a "gift tag" that reads Imagine. This canvas is 18 count and is four inches wide by seven and a half inches tall.

Jane's Version:

Since the theme of this canvas is imagination, let's run wild with this one. As always, my first step would be to make two color copies of the design. Then I'd stitch the gold bracket around the hole and the one around the word Imagine, using my favorite Vintage Gold from Kreinik in tent stitches. Also stitch the background behind Imagine with a pretty tan Silk Lame Braid and the red lines in the bracket around Imagine, all in more tent stitches. I think a nice cherry red metallic would look good here. The Silk Lame Braid has gold woven in, so let's tent stitch the letters of Imagine in the new Kreinik black holographic thread (size 8). That will give the whole central part of the canvas a lot of shine and emphasis.

The teal blue background underneath the flower can be tent stitched also. I think I'd choose a silk that matched the teal color. Moving up to the green and purple striped backgrounds, let's find Silk Lame Braids in those colors and use a slanted stitch that leans to the right for the green / and a slanted stitch that leans left for the purple \. Work the slants all the way across each stripe. Once the stripes are done, shape and then couch DMC's memory thread down over the black curliques. You probably will need 2-3 rows to completely cover. I'd use Kreinik's black holographic thread in blending filament size as the couching thread and work one piece of memory thread at a time. This will be tedious but very dimensional and will add a lot to the top of the design.

The purple and blue floral background is next. Using the same gold thread you used for the word bracket and the hole surround, use a padded row of satin stitch as the top edge of the floral background. Tent stitch the purple part, using a rather matte thread like silk/wool or wool or cotton floss. Then bead all the blue dots and the flowers. Try to match the blue color with your beads and beading thread. Again, it'll take a while but this is an over-the-top canvas that needs over the top colors, dimension and sparkle.

I left the flower to last deliberately. First step, tent stitch the coral petals in a matching thread. Cotton floss would be best but matching the color is more important than the thread type. Now make a visit to the craft store and buy feathers in as close a match to the coral as you can find. Sew the shaft of the feathers down in the center of the "flower" individually as you add each "petal." If you like, put a dab of fabric glue (I use Aileen's Tacky Glue because it dries clear) in the middle of each petal before you put the feather on. This will hold it in place as you stitch it down. When the feathers are in place, cut the spotted flower shape out of one of your color copies. You don't have to cut a red hole in the center, just cut the outside petal shapes. Use the cut flower shape to cut out a piece of Ultrasuede to match. Then glue it down on top of the feather petals, using the intact color copy to position it properly. (That's why I made two copies of the bare canvas at first, one to cut as a pattern and the other to refer to.) Once the Ultrasuede is in place and dry, you can put a few tiny stitches here and there along the outside edge just to make sure nothing moves. The next step is to use the hot fix Swarkowski crystals for the spots on the flower. Use the intact color copy to position the crystals and let them sit a bit for the glue to cool.

The very last step before finishing is to place a button right on top of the flower center. Look for shankless ones so there isn't a bump on the back. You can even use two buttons for the center, one smaller than the other, and glue one on top of the other. If you align the buttonholes, you can even take a few stitches through the buttons, the Ultrasuede and the canvas to secure it. Use more of your Kreinik holographic blending filament in black to add just a little more sparkle. Or attach beads through the holes, using the same beads you used in the floral background.

The sky's the limit for your imagination and for this canvas.
Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at Archived Yahoo 360 postings at

September Canvas of the Month: Bonnie's Imagine Canvas

The September Canvas of the Month is from Lani Enterprises. It's a "gift tag" that reads Imagine. This canvas is on 18 count and is four inches wide by seven and a half inches tall.

Bonnie's Version:

This month’s canvas to me says fun so the plan would be to make it glitzy with lots of raised elements!

I would start with the wallpaper background.  Since this is the background I would chose a #12 perle cotton (or flower thread, if you still have some in your stash) and use a simple horizontal satin stitch on the stripes.  It would be light coverage so the wallpaper would  fade into the background.  Next up are the swirls.  I would look for a silk perle and then couch it using a single strand of matching strandable silk.  It will probably take multiple rows of couching to cover.

Next up is the imagine tag.  I would start with the background behind the lettering in a skip tent.  Again, this is a background element, so make it light.  I would couch a Kreinik metallic braid with matching Accentuate for the lettering.  I think couching gives you the best looking curved letters like the ‘G’.  The border would be cross stitched rather than tent stitched to raise it up a bit in probably a #8 braid.  I would test this out and adjust the weight as needed, but I would want it to be raised, not flat.  The rest of the frame could be tented in silk or a silk lame for some sparkle.  Finally on the tag are the circles – I would try a Smyrna cross or an eyelet whichever fills the space the best in the same metallic used for the raised red border. Another idea might be to attach a sequin with a clear bead in the middle.

Now we move to the pink/purple area to the right of the flower.  Here’s where a color copy of your canvas would come in handy.  I would do a Nabuko stitch in a strandable silk completely covering the dot pattern.  Then using your color copy as a guide, attach either beads or sequins over some of the tent stitches of the Nabuko stitch.  (Although if you use the beaded suggestion later for the flower you may just want to use French knots done in silk so you don't have too many beads!)  No need to cover all of the small stitches, just some. Looking at your color copy will give you an idea of where to start and once you get going just fill until you get something you like.  The top edge of this area would just be a padded satin stitch done with the same strandable silk you already used.  Then move over to the turquoise area and simply tent stitch that area in strandable silk.  It’s a small area, so the stitch needs to be simple, but I would want the weight of it to balance with the pink/purple area.   You could even put in a few beads if you wanted or French knots in a matching color to give you texture.

The last remaining large piece is the flower.  I was looking at the River Silk web site for some ideas on this.  I see a couple of possibilities there in their gallery.   Either method I would be ignoring the dotted petals and just picking ribbons I liked.  One possibility is to try the punch needle flower.   The middle could be either all in French knots in a silk that would match or beaded.    Or another possibility I might try is the gardenia flower that is ribbon and beads.  There is even a project sheet on the site you could follow for this choice.  Either would look great and make the flower pop.

The very last piece of the piece is the flower at the top hole.  To be honest this has me stumped.  I would leave it to the end and see if something pops out as an idea.  I would think about looking for a button that would do the trick to attach, maybe more silk ribbon, or maybe even just a padded satin stitch for the petals in a silk changing the stitch direction as I go to make a fan shape that would mimic the petal shape.

That is it!  A fun piece that will make your imagination soar!

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at Archived Yahoo 360 postings at