Sunday, August 29, 2010

My List

My list of things to tell you is getting way too long again.  While I futz around with Stars, I need to tell you about items on the list so I can cross things off and start adding to the list again.

First of all, Busy Needle in Tucson is having a 25% off sale on in stock Halloween items (kits, canvases and charts) through the end of August.  Better get busy browsing!

I just noticed that ANG's next cyberclass features Ultrasuede appliques.  Registration for this Orna Willis class starts September 1 and the class itself starts after the month-long registration period.

If you want to explore this technique on your own, you need to check out Orna Willis' blog.  She uses shaped Ultrasuede on several of her projects and has posted two videos about how she does it there.  If you are late reading this, look for the August 24, 2010 postings.

Remember the Canvas Candy glass ornament/needlepoint canvas sets I mentioned already this week?  Ruth Schmuff has posted photographs of all the pairs on her store website.  There are over 40 of them.
Doghouse in Winter
Pick the ones you are interested in, click for details, then click the little thumbnail to see them all.  (Of course, if you happen to be in the Baltimore area, you can see them in person.)

Finally, Carolyn Hedge Baird has released her next book. It's called Needlepointing in Your Nest.  I have no idea what it is about, but since it premiered at Chaparral last week and she teaches there often, I bet they can tell us all about it.

Ok, that's everything on my stitching list except for "finish Cary Grant block on Stars."  I'd better get busy on that.

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