Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Year of Thread Stash Credits 2010 (293)

Last August 25 I started keeping track of just how many threads I used.  Since today is August 26, 2010, the first year is over.  Just how many thread credits did I accumulate?  Two hundred and ninety-three!  In the last year I've worked on thirteen projects:

South Seas Fiji Dynasty Ornament
Rabbit Geisha
Cameo Ornament
Stars for the New Millennium
Surfin' Santa
Camouflage Bra and Tap Pants Set
Candy Cane Dog Stocking
Tardis Ornament
Stuart Plaid Lion
Blue Bow Gift Tag
Nordic Snowman Stocking
Brazil Cha-Cha
Skulls Cell Phone Case

That's a lot of thread and a lot of projects, but remember, many of the projects were small and I am a threadaholic. There is no reason that you shouldn't stick to one type of thread or brand if that's what makes you happy.

To bring everyone up to speed, every time I use a new thread on a project, I give myself one point.  If I use up all the thread in a skein (or on a card or spool), I give myself five points.  If I buy a new thread, I subtract one point from the total I've accumulated so far.  I didn't count beads in the total above or I certainly would have broken 300, but I did count silk ribbons.

I had fun with this.  I think I'm going to restart the counter now and keep track of anything new I use on Stars plus count the threads I use on future projects.

Hope you enjoyed watching the numbers move as much as I did.  Wonder if I can break 300 this year?

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Stars: Cary's Corner

Cary Grant has a completed corner now!

I think the corner is particularly beautiful.  Actually, I spent so much time admiring it, that I didn't progress beyond Step One in stitching the other corners.  Yesterday was hectic, anyway.  I am lucky that I didn't find an error this morning that had to come out.

This photo shows the seams where triangles meet between the black legs. This is covered by long stitches as the last step before finishing Cary Grant by putting a line of black sashing below the block.

I hope to do the rest of the corners tonight but it's another hectic day so I won't promise.  I want to finish Stars by the weekend so I can do my Skulls cell phone case finishing over Saturday and Sunday and be ready to start my new project on Sunday night.  Wish me luck.

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at Archived Yahoo 360 postings at