Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thinking About Finishing (Among Other Things)

I didn't get far on making up the cell phone case yesterday. Too many chores to do! I was pretty tired after moving and stacking firewood, so last night I daydreamed in front of the tv, thinking about my next painted canvas.  Today's supposed to be rainy so I hope to settle down and get it assembled so that Monday I can get back to Stars, which is whispering my name. Who would have thought a charted project would be that interesting?  I am beginning to understand the folks who do counted canvaswork exclusively now.  The pain of missed counts will never go away for me but I can understand the fascinating of seeing how combinations of stitches make up a whole.

While I'm getting my act together, I thought you might like to browse some wonderful finishing over at Cheryl's website.  The link is to her Featured pieces so you can see a range of items, then pick the category you are most curious about.  I highly recommend "Pillow Options" to familiarize yourself with the terms sewers use to describe various pillow parts.  If you don't know what ruched means, or the difference between a boxed or knife edge is a mystery to you, please visit to find out.

If finishing bores you, how about a visit to Colour Lovers, a site bursting with color combinations.  Pick one at random for your next charted geometric project!

If you are in the mood to browse great stitching, visit Tanja Berlin's slide show of her work. Tanja is a distinguished graduation of the Royal School of Embroidery. She teaches and also sells wonderful kits so that those who can't be in class with her can still benefit from her knowledge at home.  She does it all, but I personally am awe-struck by her needle-painted birds and animals.  You can browse her website once you recover from the slide show.

This is going to keep you guys busy a while, so let me just wish Dr. Donn Hunter a very happy 85th birthday today before we all head out to start the day.  Donn is a fabulous stitcher and a great guy.

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