Saturday, August 14, 2010

Finishing Deadlines UPDATED

I'm starting to see web stores publishing Christmas finishing deadlines in September now.  If you are going to send items away for finishing, better hurry up!

To inspire you, I've collected some great examples of finished pieces.  First is Pat's counted canvas work piece that reminds me of a wedding dress.

Jane's almost finished with her Thanksgiving turkey piece, which I believe she is going to have made into a serving tray.

Ridgewood has posted some lovely finishing that their customers have had done.  This stocking is fabulous.  I particularly like the stitched name tag, which is a great touch.  I can see new name tags being added as the stocking is handed down in the family.

Lots of their staff and customers are doing belts as flip flop straps.  Neat!

The Point of It All makes belt canvases into hat bands.

They also have some pre-made frame weights that are lovely.

By the way, your belt can make great shoulder straps for your purses, too.

Speaking of frame weights, Squiggee has a great crab series that are normally made into frame weights but this little one has turned up on a great summer straw purse.

Gail (Squiggee) has also put a sneak peak of some of her St. Charles trade show items (this show is in September and it is "cash and carry" so send your shop there with plenty of money to pick up things for you) on her blog.

Hope this inspires everyone to finish up their holiday items soon so we can all enjoy them soon!

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