Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tips and Resouces

I've run across some useful tidbits online recently, so I thought I'd better post the links before they get lost again among all the bookmarks I maintain.

First, here is a great finishing demonstration for a Christmas ornament (see August 7, 2010 article).  This is a miniature pillow finish.  Scroll down to the previous article for a miniature ornament finished flat.

Little Shoppe of Stitches has a brand new set of Stitches of the Month this year.  I think the roof stitch particularly interesting and can't wait to see what August's stitch will be.

Pocket Full of Stitches has updated their Sale page.  There are lots of bargains we haven't seen before.

Need some fabulous hand dyed ribbon?  These pleated ribbons are beyond beautiful!

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A Few More Anne Jerlow Originals

From Anne's Five Geishas

Long-time readers of Blog will remember the geisha canvases I stitched for the ANG Auction in Baltimore. I've been a fan of Anne Jerlow's designs ever since, but many of them are not available now that Anne is dead. Tapestry Fair distributes some of her designs, but not all of them. If anyone knows Anne's good friend Mary McCarthy (who used to live in Phoenix part of the year but who perhaps has moved back to Canon Beach, Oregon where she owned a shop at one time) or if you remember Mary McCarthy's husband's name so that Tapestry Fair can narrow down the search, do let them know. Peggi at Tapestry Fair would love to license more of Anne's lovely work.  If you browse the Tapestry Fair site, designs with AJ in their number are Anne's.

Five Geishas Underway

Peggi from Tapestry Fair has sent me a few more photos of Anne's canvases for a slide show of her work.  These are Anne's originals, which she has not yet re-touched so they are not on the website yet.  Peggi writes, "When I was working with Anne, before putting the designs into production, I would over-paint them in order to tighten up the line work and stitch -paint the design. As she got older her eyesight wasn't as good and the painting looked a little fuzzy, so my contribution was to clean them up. Her drawing was just so great that it seemed a shame not to tweak them into really fabulous canvases. This group was not yet tweaked and never got added to the Tapestry Fair line. The Southwestern wolves are actually coyotes (but not living in Az. how could you have known that?!)"

The Single Geisha Canvas
The turkey and crows quilt blocks are not Anne's designs. Peggi when she emailed me with a few more of Anne's designs (yes, I bug her constantly for photos!) mentioned two class pieces she is doing for Family Arts in Phoenix.  I've included them because they are so interesting.  You'll probably see the finished models in Family Arts' ad in Needlepoint Now in the future, but they were so different and interesting that I thought you'd enjoy seeing them here.  You can ask Family Arts for class information if you live in the area.

And now here is the slide show!  The finished pillows are Anne's designs done by customers of Phoenix Needlepoint, the shop in Phoenix that Peggi owns.  The crows and turkey are Peggi's work for the Family Arts classes, but everything else is pure Anne Jerlow.  Enjoy....

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at Archived Yahoo 360 postings at