Friday, May 7, 2010

The Blue Bow Gift Tag

Instead of working on Stars as I had planned, I pulled out a tiny SharonG canvas from my stash. It's called Blue Bow MB22 and is from the Clasp Act series of tiny 18 count canvases designed to be put on the front of a purse as a magnetic clasp.  You can see photos of a finished purse on the SharonG website on the Clasp Act page with some of the other tiny canvases in this series.

Blue Bow is almost 2 inches high and 3 inches long.  It isn't going to take very long to stitch.  It would be gorgeous stitched entirely in crystal beads (except for the gold dots in the background which should be done in gold beads) but I'm going to go more traditional and tent stitch the blue bow and leave the background mostly unstitched.  You can't see it from the photo, but the background is the white canvas with sparkling iridescent white threads woven in.  I want to leave that bare because it is so lovely.  I put the canvas on 5x6 stretcher bars last night and pulled threads for it.

I plan to finish this as a name tag for a very special present.  Canvases that are meant to be stitched as gift tags or name tags for a Christmas stocking are starting to show up in painted canvas lines.  Here is one from A Collection of Designs.  They call them Sock Tags.

Blue Bow is the tiny cousin of a series of SharonG larger wrapped package canvases.

My friend Pat is stitching the Hearts of Love design.  Seeing how lovely hers is turning out convinced me to stitch my tiny version.

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