Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Fork in the Road UPDATED

After I worked a bit on the background last night, I realized we've reached a fork in the road.  Let me explain.

I always intended to work some of the lines up into the plaid and have them fade away into a background of darning stitch patterns.  I planned to use a fleur de lis for the darning stitch as that is a prominent part of the Stuart royal court of arms.

But I never found or was able to create a small enough scale fleur de lis to fit into the background space.  I did find a lovely little crown pattern in SuZy Murphy's SuZy's Darn Stitches, which is a book full of darning stitches for borders or backgrounds.  In the photo above you see two crowns from page 101 done in the 1/16 inch Kreinik holographic ribbon.

The dilemma comes because I don't think I have enough space to work both fading lines and the crowns.  Do I rip out the lines that are in the empty background space and just fill it with crowns?  Do I rip out the crowns and just do a few more lines?  Or do I stop here and go with what I have stitched, just filling in the background with tent stitches around what is in the photo above?

I am having trouble deciding and I'd like input.  Therefore I am about to post a poll at the top of Blog for folks to vote on their favorite background. I'll wait a couple of days until I have another Stars block finished and we'll see what the poll result is before I take the right fork, turn left, or stay on my current road.

UPDATE:  To vote in the poll, you have to have a Blogger or Google account.  If you have neither, just post a comment below.  I'll count those in as part of the official poll vote.  Robin sent me a photoshopped photo showing an all crown background which I've added on the left.  This will help you decide.   THANKS, ROBIN!

While you debate, you might want to visit the new Pocket Full of Stitches blog.  The shop has transitioned to its new owners and is having a sale on current stock.  The day's sale is announced through the blog postings about the Designer of the Day.

You will want to visit the shop itself to see their announcement of the two new monthly clubs for the year:  Kelly Clark's Pears set and the Renaissance Designs' Halloweenies ornaments.  PFOS is famous for their monthly clubs and a favorite of many stitchers. I am really glad the original owners were able to find someone to take over the shop so that it continues after the retirement of its founders.

Speaking of clubs and Halloween, I just stumbled across Needle Orts' Halloween ornament set.  These are different and fun for the holiday stitcher.  They are all on this page mixed in with the nutcracker club canvases.

I'll go set up a poll while you browse.  See you back here shortly!

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