Saturday, April 10, 2010

Clark Isn't Surrounded--Yet

I was up late last night finishing the last step of Clark Gable.  The corners which you see in two shades of terracotta (the lighter is C3, Trebizond silk perle and the darker is C1, my Alyce Schroth silk perle) were easy but I still had to finish adding the copper metallic to the 8 little scalene triangles in the previous steps.  That was done with a doubled strand of Lume.  You can barely see the copper in the photo above but in real life it adds a lot.

Both the Trebizond and Alyce Schroth threads are silk perles, but Trebizond is thicker. I was worried that one strand of the Alyce Schroth wouldn't cover the area but the darker color seems to blend with the canvas color and it looks fine.  It isn't obvious that Alyce Schroth is a lot skinner than Trebizond, either.

I'm debating whether to put black beads on top of the black bagello shaded area that is shaped like a kite.  I'll think about that for a bit while I surround Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable with the black sashing borders I didn't finish earlier.  Maybe I'll add beads there and maybe I won't.  There's no reason that each block has to have beads.  I might use copper beads instead of black if I have any.  This block doesn't have much of the D color (copper for me) in it so copper beads might be a nice touch.

The next star block is called Vivian Leigh.  It is the last block on the right in the top row.   I won't start Vivian right away, however.    I plan to finish the sashing today if I can and then put down this piece for a little while to stitch the Leigh Stuart Dynasty ornament.

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