Friday, March 19, 2010

Out Come the Slanting Lines

True to the stereotype of feminine behavior, I've changed my mind about using interlocking Goblein stitches for the Tardis walls.  If you look at the free standing right side door, you can see how after only three rows and no compensation, the stitch looks messy and bunched, not like the smooth Tardis walls in photos.  So I will rip this out tonight and replace it with tent stitches.

I've been busy stitching the side of the Tardis with another stitch.  See the difference in the effect?  The side wall is a lot smoother, the tent stitches (basketweave is a tent stitch, along with half cross and continental) sit next to the diagonal long stitches well, and I have to admit it was very relaxing to basketweave last night instead of fussing over getting the interlocking Goblein in the right holes on black canvas.  It looks like the side panels show up well against basketweave in the same blue, although I may backstitch around one end to have a shadow there.  Haven't decided that yet.

One step back, then two more forward.  When things don't work out, I just change direction.

And practice my swear words.  [LOL]

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